Illustrated History for MHN61K

Reregistered ADZ9510

Chassis: RELH4/429 Body: ECW 19842 Series 2
Engine: Gardner 6HLX Configuration: DP49F, B49F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 1/1998

Last updated : July 9th 2020 (page added)

Beattie, Hillsborough (dealer for scrap). Used by the MoD for training soldiers in riot situations at Long Kesh RAF base in County Antrim prior to scrapping, ?/1998
2/1987 - 3/1997
Kilbride Presbyterian Church, Doagh, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland (non-PCV)
?/1986 - 2/1987
?, ? (dealer)
5/1972 - ?/1986
United Automobile Services Ltd. 6061. Converted for use as a driver trainer and renumbered 110, 10/1984. Withdrawn 7/1986

MHN61K in 1997
Photo : Steve Thorpe
MHN61K in 1985
Photo : Mark Harrington
MHN61K in NBC red and white DP livery
Photo : Neil Wise Collection
MHN61K in United DP livery
Photo : Keith Lee Collection

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