There are no Durham District Lodekka survivors

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This page lists all Bristol Lodekkas operated by Durham District Services including links to all photos currently in the BVRES Collection showing the liveries carried by individual vehicles. If you have any further information or photos I would be delighted to hear from you at



Chassis Number

Date Acquired

Date Withdrawn and Sold Notes
DBL6 988EHN LD6B 134125 8/1957 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL6)  
DBL7 989EHN LD6B 134126 8/1957 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL7)  
DBL8 991EHN LD6B 138029 9/1958 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL8)  
DBL9 8109HN FSF6G 197037 9/1962 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL9)  
DBL10 8110HN FSF6G 197038 9/1962 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL10)  
DBL11 8111HN FSF6G 197039 9/1962 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL11)  
DBL12 8112HN FSF6G 197040 10/1962 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL12)  
DBL13 8113HN FSF6G 197041 10/1962 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL13)  
DBL14 914THN FLF6G 217066 12/1963 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL14)  
DBL15 915THN FLF6G 217067 12/1963 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL15)  
DO177 177AHN LD6B 108217 9/1955 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL1)  
DO178 178AHN LD6B 108218 9/1955 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL2)  
DO179 179AHN LD6B 108227 9/1955 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL3)  
DO180 180AHN LD6B 108228 9/1955 (New) 7/1967 (SCRAPPED) Withdrawn following an accident, 4/1967
DO181 181AHN LD6B 108229 9/1955 (New) 7/1968 (United Auto BL5)  

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