Illustrated History for LAH448E

Chassis: FLF6B 169001
Body: ECW 12009 Series 2 Engine: Bristol BVW - Gardner 6LW Configuration: H--/--F, H38/32F
Status: Scrapped     Last Reported: 5/1995

Last updated : January 15th 2020 (page added)

PVS, Carlton (dealer for scrap). Still there, 5/1995
7/1982 - 10/1992
Top Deck Travel, Horsell Common. Named "Edna". Used in the U.S.A. until returned to the UK, 4/1986. Reregistered ?, ?/1993
11/1981 - 7/1982
Norths, Sherburn-in-Elmet (dealer)
2/1967 - 11/1981
Eastern Counties Omnibus Company Ltd. FLF348. Fitted with CBC heating system, 2/1967. Registered LAH448E, 3/1967. Re-engined with a Gardner 6LW, 7/1971. Renumbered FLF429, 10/1973
?/1960 - 2/1967
Bristol Commercial Vehicles, Bristol. Used for development purposes, not used in traffic and remained unregistered

LAH448E with Top Deck
Photo : Frans Angevaare
LAH448E in NBC red livery
Photo : Keith Valla
LAH448E in Tilling red livery
Photo : Clive Nixon
LAH448E in 1966
Photo : Mike Walker

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