Illustrated History for JMR818F

Chassis: FLF6L 236222 Body: ECW 16271 Series 2 Engine: Leyland O600 - Gardner 6LX
Configuration: H38/32F, H10/16F
Status: Exported
    Last Reported: 8/2019

Last updated : March 25th 2022 (brought up-to-date)

?/1996 - current
Mart Leek, Amsterdam, Holland. Used as a mobile changing room/clubhouse by Muiden Rowing Club and kept at a boatyard in Weesp, by 10/1999. Returned to Mart Leek, by 8/2002. Registered BE-27-08 locally
8/1985 - ?/1996
Top Deck Travel, Horsell Common. Named "Leylandi". Used initially as a demonstrator to advertise Top Deck at universities and colleges, retaining its seats. Re-engined using the Gardner 6LX and transmission from WNO980F, ?/1990. Moved to Earls Court, 1/1996
4/1985 - 8/1985
Carl Ireland, Hull (dealer)
11/1982 - 4/1985
Unknown owner in the U.K.
6/1981 - 11/1982
Eastbourne Regent Preservation Group, Eastbourne (for preservation)
10/1972 - 6/1981
Hants & Dorset Motor Services Ltd. 223
10/1967 - 10/1972
Wilts & Dorset Motor Services Ltd. 688. Renumbered 223, 9/1971
JMR818F with Mart Leek
Photo : Alan E Moore
JMR818F with Top Deck
Photo : Dave Mant
JMR818F in NBC red livery
Photo : Jeff Lloyd Collection
JMR818F in Tilling red livery
Photo : Dave Mant

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