Illustrated History for GCS245

Reregistered NSG244A

Chassis: LD6G 104088
Body: ECW 8271 Series 2
Engine: Gardner 6LW
Configuration: H33/27R, O31/25RD
Status: Exported
    Last Reported: 2/2020

Last updated : July 14th 2021 (page added)

by 10/2016 - current
Restaurant See Nami, Lake Kemnade, Bochum, Germany
by 2/2004 - ?/20??
Autohaus Amrein, Koblenz, Germany
by 10/1994 - ?/199?
Hoare, Chepstow (dealer)
3/1971 - ?/199?
Scottish Omnibuses Ltd. (Eastern Scottish) AA5. Withdrawn 11/1972. Rebuilt to O31/25RD and renumbered OT1, 3/1973. Reregistered NSG244A, 7/1986
2/1955 - 3/1971
Western S.M.T. Company Ltd. 1159

GCS245 in 2020
Photo : Las Cuentas
GCS245 with Autohaus Amrein
Photo : British Buses Abroad in Europe
GCS245 in Travel By Bus livery
Photo : Iain Robbie
GCS245 in People Going Places livery
Photo : John Openshaw
GCS245 in Season Saver livery
Photo : Harry Barker
GCS245 in Silver Jubilee livery
Photo : George Upstairs
Photo required of GCS245 with Eastern Scottish prior to conversion to open-top
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Photo required of GCS245 with Western S.M.T.
Can you help with a photo?

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