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Bristols on the Falkland Islands

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Date Current/Scrapped Notes
LH6L LH/1130 MCA617P Crosville SLL617 Napier, West Point Island Current (12/2007)
RESL8/109 LRN282J Ribble 282 9/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB1) ?/1984 (SCRAPPED)Severely damaged in an accident with a digger and scrapped, ?/1984
RESL8/110 LRN283J Ribble 283 10/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB11) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/111 LRN284J Ribble 284 10/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB2) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/113 LRN286J Ribble 286 9/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB3) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/114 LRN287J Ribble 287 9/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB4) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/126 LRN294J Ribble 294 10/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB5) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/137 LRN300J Ribble 300 10/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB6) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/140 LRN303J Ribble 303 10/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB7) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/141 LRN304J Ribble 304 9/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB8) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)Renumbered LB1, 4/1985
RESL8/142 LRN305J Ribble 305 9/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB9) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/143 LRN306J Ribble 306 10/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB12) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)
RESL8/170 LRN322J Ribble 322 9/1983 (Laing-ARC-Mowlem LB10) c?/1986 (SCRAPPED)

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