R-A Spares

Brand new and NOS parts for commercial vehicles. Send payment to rob@robsly.com via PayPal quoting the OEM reference for the part or email your orders/requirements to the same address. If you can't find the part you are looking for on here please feel free to email us at rob@robsly.com - we are here to help.

Last updated : May 15th 2022

MCW (Email rob@robsly.com to order/enquire)
MCW OEM Reference Description
Stock Level
Price (incl P&P)
X1109/2King pin kitMetrolinerLink284.95
X1210607Throttle control cylinderLink2119.95
X1220736Throttle control valveLink1139.95
X1221198Throttle inhibitor valveMetrobusLink139.95
X1800738Brake carrier - front nearsideMetrobusLink299.95
X1800739Brake carrier - front offsideMetrobusLink299.95
X1800977Front brake drumMetrobusLink2179.95 (collection only)
X1810576Front hub capMetrobusLink029.95
X1811183Slack adjuster - front offsideLink279.95
X1811184Slack adjuster - front nearsideLink179.95
X1821489Wheel stud - front offsideLink209.95
X1821490Wheel stud - front nearsideLink209.95
X1850034Brake cam shaft - front offsideLink159.95
X1850035Brake cam shaft - front nearsideLink1059.95
X1850036Relined brake shoesLink16119.95
X1850037Brake shoe roller pinLink114.95
X1850052Brake cam bushes (5)Link129.95
X1850064Steering ball pinLink418.95
X1850067Adjuster socket - RH (4)Link412.95
X1850069Drag link dirt seal (5)Link112.95
X1850078Steering ball pin spring (3)Link112.95
X1850082King pin sleeves (6)Link119.95
X1850083King pin shims .005'' (10)Link16.95
X1850084King pin shims .010'' (8)Link36.95
X1850100King pin nutLink19.95
X1850101King pin D washer (2)Link19.95
X1850111Diff pinion oil sealLink119.95
X1850118Felt washers (2)Link14.95
X1850119Hub cap top gaskets (10)Link67.95
X1850130Front hub cap washerLink412.95
X1851375Hub bearing nutLink224.95
X1851377Hub bearing nut washerLink119.95
X1851389Oil sealLink17.95
X1851390King pinLink179.95
X1851391King pin bushes (2)Link326.95
X1851392Gaskets (9)Link119.95
X1851411Brake cam shaft - front offsideLink879.95
X1851412Brake cam shaft - front nearsideLink779.95
X1851944Dirt seal (4)Link16.95
X1851945Shock absorber bracket - front rightLink29.95
X1851946Shock absorber bracket - front leftLink19.95
X1852222Wheel bolt - LH (7)Link136.95
X1852223Wheel bolt - RH (8)Link139.95
X1852718Hub - offside frontLink1149.95
X2000735Brake carrier - rearMetrobusLink499.95
X2036377Breather assemblyLink314.95
X2052884Rear hub lock nutMetrolinerLink229.95
X2052967Slack adjuster - tag axleMetrolinerLink289.95
X2200324Air tank 20lLink0
X2201821Type 20 spring brake chamberLink1119.95
X2201823Type 24 spring brake chamberLink2119.95
X2201826R6 relay valveLink169.95
X2202730MCP valveLink1149.95
X2210476Limiting valve (65psi)Link254.95
X2210738Handbrake valve assemblyLink0129.95
X2210932Governor valveLink254.95
X2221178Quick release valveLink339.95
X2611524Footbrake valveLink1119.95
X2653105Throttle control valveLink2134.95
X2810240Warning lights panel assemblyLink279.95
X2811018Gear control panelLink589.95
X3073130Electrical fuel shutdown valveLink199.95
X3400440Oil coolerLink2149.95
X3400600Main radiator and frameLink1249.95 (collection only)
X3400600/SMain radiator assemblyLink1249.95 (collection only)
X3400600IOSRadiator (small pipes)Link1249.95 (collection only)
X3401137Oil coolerLink1295.95 (collection only)
X3401819Metal header tankMetrobusLink1169.95
X3411378Thermostat housing assembly for Gardner 6LXBMetrobusLink1195.95
X5411999Hydraulic fan motor/fan pumpLink299.95
X5414018Switching valve (used)Link189.95
X5423726Steering flexible couplingLink179.95
X5432245Steering shaft bearing and bushLink312.95
X5452998PAS hydraulic filter224.95
Tie rod end
Link 2
Tie rod end
X5800632Front V link assemblyLink199.95 (collection only)
X5800683Air bellows assembly - front nearsideLink20199.95
X5801112Air bellows assembly - front offsideLink4199.95
Shock absorber - front
X5810462Levelling valve - RHMetrobusLink0129.95
X5810580Levelling valve - LHMetrobusLink0129.95
X5810671Levelling valve - frontMetrobusLink0129.95
X5810861Shock absorber - rear of rear4129.95
X5811114Shock absorber - frontLink3129.95
X5811115Shock absorber - front of rear4129.95
X5811959Shock absorber - frontTri-axle Metrobus2139.95
X5813881Levelling valve - front nearsideLink0149.95
X5813882Levelling valve - front offsideLink0149.95
X5820386U bolt rear suspension 6'' (2)Link329.95
X5821615U bolt rear suspension 4'' (3)Link139.95
X5823023Shackle pin locking bush - tag axle (2)Link4124.95
X5823034Bump stop top plateLink326.95
X5830316Shock absorber bolt - frontLink89.95
X5830404Mounting block trailing armLink339.95
X5853930Clamp plateLink428.95
X5853939Lower clamp plateLink436.95
X5853965Clamp ring assembly - frontLink524.95
X5911757Upper leading link assembly - rearLink1199.95
X5911917Top plate assemblyLink036.95
X5922168Shock absorber - tag axleLink1129.95
X5922227U bolt - tag axle springLink429.95
X5922228Bump stops (2)Link179.95
X5935576Top plate adapters (4)Link129.95
X5951933Spring shackle pin - tag axle (2)Link1989.95
X5953942Top plate - tag axleMetrolinerLink336.95
X5954354Panhard bar tag end joint - LHLink299.95
X5954359Panhard bar bushLink684.96
Wheel rim
X6641014PAS hydraulic filterLink110.95
X6641039Rear outer hub bearingMetrobusLink354.95
X6641115Steering box seal kitLink129.95
X6641131Hub bearing - front outerLink336.95
X6641132Hub bearing - front innerLink259.95
X6641133Hub bearing - tag axleLink239.95
X6651298Air bellows (Dunlop Pneuride 14.5'' x 2'')Link169.95
X6651301Clamp plate assembly - front nearsideLink036.95
X6651302Clamp plate assembly - front offsideLink036.95
X6652678V link repair kit - frontLink374.95
X6652725V link clampLink229.95
X6652731Upper leading ball join - rear RHLink1119.95
X6652732V link repair kit149.95
X6652786Air bellow - tag axleLink249.95
X6652934Front V link assemblyMetrobusLink1129.95 (collection only)
X6652950Leading ball joint repair kitLink289.95
X6652993V link repair kitLink2149.95
X6652996Ball joint rear LH upper leading199.95
X6653035Rear V link repair kitLink269.95
X6653817Rear V link diagonal arm ball jointLink294.95