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Other makes of buses are tracked on eBay here. Recent additions are:

AEC 470/Duple Britannia XOT104 (added February 24th 2017)
Bristol VR JWT761V (added February 10th 2017)
Bristol VR YMB519W (added February 8th 2017)
Bristol VR NHU671R (added February 8th 2017)
Leyland Royal Tiger/Brush DHE353 (added February 7h 2017)
Bristol VR caravan conversion VDV117S (added February 6th 2017)
Original condition AEC-engined Routemaster WLT446 (added February 5th 2017)
Flat-front Bristol VR UUF110J (added February 1st 2017)
Ex-Southdown Queen Mary 422DCD (added January 30th 2017)
Ex-London Transport JJD571D (added January 29th 2017)
Ex-Crosville Bristol MW towing wagon 302PFM (added January 26th 2017)
Ex-Lancashire United Guy Arab MTJ84 (added January 20th 2017)
Ex-London Leyland National Greenway GUW478W (added January 14th 2017)
Derby Corporation Daimler CVD6 ACH627 (added December 29th 2016)
ECW coach-bodied RELH6G OTA645G (added December 12th 2016)
Ex-London Transport bar conversion JJD584D (added December 2nd 2016)
Ex-Cheltenham & Gloucester National 3 YFB973V (added December 2nd 2016)
Ex-London Transport CUV333C (added November 23rd 2016)
Ex-London Transport RML2733 (added November 20th 2016)
Bristol Lodekka AAG119B (added November 6th 2016)
Leyland Olympian B892UAS (added September 15th 2016)
Leyland National WNO551L (added August 27th 2016)
Bristol VR VTH942T (added August 25th 2016)
Leyland Olympian/ECW D251FYM (added August 22nd 2016)
Leyland National Greenway GCY748N (added August 22nd 2016)
Bristol VR open-top DCA528X (added August 12th 2016)
Bristol VR PAG515W (added August 12th 2016)
Ex-Northampton Daimler CVG6 GNH261F (added August 9th 2016)
Ex-Bournemouth Fleetline ALJ340B (added August 5th 2016)
Leyland National JOX506P (added August 2nd 2016)
Duple 425 Integral TIL8275 (added August 2nd 2016)
Bedford PJK PRE205R (added July 25th 2016)
Bristol L5G ex-Southern National ETT946 (added July 25th 2016)
Leyland National 3 rebuild YFB973V (added July 7th 2016)
Leyland Leopard towing wagon HWR449T (added July 7th 2016)
Bristol L5G tower wagon FAE60 (added June 26th 2016)
Bristol VR NHU671R (added June 7th 2016)
Bristol Lodekka AAG119B (added June 7th 2016)
Bristol VR AHW198V (added June 3rd 2016)
Bristol VR TDT864S (added June 3rd 2016)
Bristol VR HJB455W (added June 3rd 2016)

If you find any interesting vehicles that are not linked from here please let me know at - but don't worry, this site remains dedicated to Bristol buses as their numbers slowly dwindle. 

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Bristol vehicles for auction on eBay

Date added



eBay Item No. and Link

Location Photo
February 11th 2010 VRT/SL3/2606 GGM108W 160402577072 Perth, UK
February 11th 2010 VRT/SL3/1713 XBO121T 160402576714 Perth, UK
February 10th 2010 VRT/SL3/2285 CJH119V 260549426959 Blackpool, UK
January 25th 2010 RELL3/2677 XOI2520 330398584824 Uttoxeter, UK
January 18th 2010 LD6G 120054 SRU981 180457565660 Gateshead, UK
November 22nd 2009 VRT/SL3/1740 BRC839T 220514277975 Ipswich, UK
November 12th 2009 VRT/SL3/2662 HJB459W 220509419659 Ipswich, UK
October 27th 2009 VRT/SL3/2886 JWV272W 140355313839 Southampton, UK
October 20th 2009 VRT/SL2/162 FWT956J 190342724656 Newfoundland, Canada
October 3rd 2009 MW6G 184038 YBD201 170389088591 Ombersleigh, UK
October 1st 2009 FLF6B 224047 ATA125B 120474835061 North Dakota, U.S.A.
September 11th 2009 VRTLL/117 LFS296F 190334131573 Worthing, UK
September 11th 2009 VRT/SL3/2685 RUA450W 190334129334 Worthing, UK
September 11th 2009 VRT/SL2/162 FWT956J 190334147695 St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
August 24th 2009 LHS6L LHS/380 GTX762W 330354667758 Gloucester, UK
August 3rd 2009 VRT/SL3/2565 VCA463W 140337374481 Hull, UK
July 25th 2009 VRT/SL3/2957 EWS752W 280375291448 Poole, UK
July 25th 2009 VRT/SL3/1454 WTG342T 230360509733 Evesham, UK
July 22nd 2009 LH6L LH/1572
AFJ732T, AFJ733T, AFJ734T 290333139409 Shaftesbury, UK
July 21st 2009 LH6L LH/1354 OJD91R 170358232562 Norwich, UK
July 21st 2009 LHS6L LHS/134 RPH101L 250464659056 Telford, UK
July 13th 2009 VRT/SL3/1289 WRC831S 110412228381 Panama City Beach, Florida
June 13th 2009 VRT/SL3/267 LEU263P 180367551517 Guernsey
June 10th 2009 LH6L LH/1139 KTT42P 330336773557 Kingsbridge, UK
June 8th 2009 VRT/SL3/2886 JWV272W 140325760152 Southampton, UK
June 1st 2009 VRT/SL3/1476 CWU324T 120427817146 Barnsley, UK
May 12th 2009 VRT/SL3/267 LEU263P 220413056534 Guernsey
May 3rd 2009 VRT/SL3/2466 SNV934W 260403423976 Luton, UK
April 28th 2009 VRT/SL3/2272 KOO792V 180351435035 Salisbury, UK
April 14th 2009 VRT/SL3/1060 VDV117S 220395009157 Guernsey
April 12th 2009 FS6G 214187 BXA463B 120404484722 Beith, Scotland, UK
April 2nd 2009 VRT/SL3/1032 VDV139S 260387086972 Blackpool, UK
April 2nd 2009 LD5G 130076 297JHK 330318784955 Sylmar, California
March 19th 2009 VRT/SL3/2179 BUH238V 110366125316 Chepstow, UK
March 15th 2009 FSF6G 197021 60JAL 250387542421 Woodland Hills, California
March 13th 2009 VRT/SL3/1662 AAP651T 230330717632 Llandudno, UK
March 13th 2009 VRT/SL3/3009 BMA521W 320349530287 Felinheli, UK
February 27th 2009 VRT/SL3/2011 DWF195V 330310725595 Bristol, UK
February 12th 2009 VRT/SL3/1093 URU691S 120377538555 Isle of Wight, UK
February 5th 2009 VRT/SL3/2677 LFJ859W 180326444323 Bristol, UK
January 22nd 2009 LH/1536 AFJ724T 180322566908 Buckfastleigh, UK
January 16th 2009 VRT/SL3/2605 WTU465W 320333002087 Ashton-under-Lyne, UK
January 16th 2009 K NHY993 140294992549 Tucson, Arizona
January 16th 2009 FLF6G 231017 FEL428D 250358007945 Woodland Hills, California, U.S.A.
10th January 2009 VRT/SL3/1153 VDV140S 280299825919 Tadley, UK
January 2nd 2009 LHS/370 RLN230W 200292537767 Basildon, UK
December 26th 2008 FLF6B 217071 1390R 260336189545 Northridge, California, U.S.A.
December 8th 2008 FLF6B 231151 RHK346D 170285750012 Plymouth, UK
December 6th 2008 LD5G 130076 297JHK 270311444529 West Toluca Lake, California, U.S.A.
November 26th 2008 VRT/SL3/1153 VDV140S 280288692656 Tadley, UK
November 19th 2008 VRT/SL3/2466 SNV934W 150310972456 Leigh-on-Sea, UK
November 17th 2008 LD6G 150143 SWS745 150309810314 Osage Beach, U.S.A.
October 24th 2008 FLF6B 224047 ATA125B 120320117924 Minnesota, U.S.A.
October 13th 2008 LHS/370 RLN230W 200263225183 Basildon, UK
October 11th 2008 LHS/320 WNN572S 200262283048 Melrose, UK
October 10th 2008 VRT/SL3/1144 VTV172S 120314450117 Lydney, UK
September 16th 2008 LHL/178 GLF552J 170261616740 Rochdale, UK
September 8th 2008 LD5G 134101 VVF194 280262971812 Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.
September 8th 2008 LD6G 150143 SWS745 150291122746 Osage Beach, Missouri, U.S.A.
September 5th 2008 VRT/SL2/707 PWC512M 260283602697 Formerly Stibbington, UK (you'll have to see the item to understand)
August 30th 2008 VRT/SL3/950 URB161S 120299199794 Manhattan, New York, U.S.A.
August 16th 2008 MW5G 164170 OVL468 130247118905 Dodford, UK
August 11th 2008 VRT/SL3/2439 CJH141V 160271190962 Perth, UK
July 31st 2008 VRT/SL3/1505 BCL213T 110275464357 York, UK
July 27th 2008 VRT/SL2/1158 JOV718P 270260084945 Wells, UK
July 20th 2008 VRT/SL3/1014 UFG625S 170241926561 Brighton, UK
July 20th 2008 LHS/320 WNN572S 220258901190 Ripon, UK
June 26th 2008 VRT/LL3/147 NFW37V 260255645883 Bath, UK
May 30th 2008 LH/280 UTD298H 130226924831 Cheshire, UK
May 27th 2008 VRT/SL3/769 TNJ996S 330238892179 Shepperton, UK
May 24th 2008 Unknown VR N/k 120264620995 Dothan, Alabama, US
May 24th 2008 LD5G 134101 VVF194 280229200677 Boulder, Colorado, US
May 20th 2008 VRT/SL3/2124 FAO427V 200225573306 Warrington, UK
May 19th 2008 LHS6L LHS/392 PAF162X (ex- GOU912X, ERL671) 140234004356 Oswestry, UK
May 19th 2008 LHS6L LHS/389 XFP836Y 140233028635 Oswestry, UK
May 19th 2008 VRT/SL3/3051 DCA530X 200224583874 Warrington, UK

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